be the light
in your community

We are gathering in local communities to bear witness to climate change and take action to end it. Will you join us?


Climate Vigil Songs
a major new album
focused on our

climate crisis

We are partnering with musicians to inspire
prayer & action in response to our climate crisis.
Climate Vigil Songs is a new album from The Porter's Gate Worship Project. Help us share it with the world!

 Climate Vigil 

Climate change is here. It's bad and getting worse.

Yet we have hope for the future. Because ending climate change is a choice, and we can still choose to slow, stop, and reverse climate change.

We have decided that everyone has the right to a safe climate. With that right, we each have the responsibility to help secure it. We have decided that we shall overcome climate change.

Join us in lighting a candle as a symbol of our decision.

Have you decided yet?