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be the light
in your community

Climate change is dangerously altering God's good earth, with life-or-death consequences for our neighbors,

our children, and ourselves.

Christians are called to respond with faith, hope, and love.

With prayer & action. Millions already are.

Will you join us?

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Climate Vigil Songs
a major new album
focused on our

climate crisis

We are partnering with musicians to inspire
prayer & action in response to our climate crisis.
Climate Vigil Songs is a new album from The Porter's Gate Worship Project. Help us share it with the world!
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 Climate Vigil 

Love God. Love people.

These are the greatest commandments.

Yet climate change is an affront to God's gift of creation

and a serious threat to God's people.

In partnership with the Spirit, and with you,

we are building a movement to confront our climate crisis with prayer & action.

Jesus said,

"You are the light of the world."

Do you believe him?

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