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be the light
in your community

There is hope. You are not alone. Climate Vigil is a community of people who are concerned or curious about climate change. We are learning and taking action togetherWill you join us?

light for your right


You have the right to a safe climate. Everyone does.

When enough of us decide to exercise this right, we will overcome climate change.

Have you decided? Please let us know, so we can support your next step. 


 Climate Vigil 

We are building a community dedicated to...


Together, we will overcome climate change.


We gather regularly to learn, act, and support each other on the journey.

rights + responsibilities

Everyone has the right to a safe climate and the responsibility to help restore it.


We encourage and equip the next generation to lead us into the future.

Light is a symbol of our right to a safe climate

and our decision to exercise this right. 

May it be a sign of hope for others.


Are you ready to be the light?

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